RF Coil Inductor( For High Frequency )

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  1. Ceramic Multilayer Chip Inductor HCIxxxx Type

    Excellent Q factor and SRF characteristics small size of 100505/201209 is suitable for small portable devices supports operating frequency up to 6GHz with nominal inductance values form1.0nH to 220nH
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  2. SMD Chip Coil Inductor( High Freq.) SWIxxxx Type

    Ceramic body and Wire wound construction provide highest SRFs available in 0402/0603/0805 size. . These ultra compact inductors provided exceptional Q values , even at high frequencies.
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  3. SMD Chip Coil Inductor( High Freq.) SCDI-xxxxxxTL Type

    RoHS Compliant Low DC resistance,high current ,and high inductance The series exhibits low voltage drops and small variaitions in inductance with respect to temperature rise and DC current level. This makes them excellent for use as power supply line choke coils.
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  4. Ceramic Thin Film Chip Inductor ALxxxx Type

    Thin film ceramic chip inductor, high frequency, RF inductor for high SRF, Excellent Q , superior temperarture tability. Photolithographic single layer ceramic chip. Stable inductance in hihg frequency circuit. High stable design for critical needs. small size to 01005/0201/0402
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